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Pigg Family Coat of Arms
Our Pigg Family

The Pigg surname is a major line of our family's genealogy. If you have additional information or corrections for our site, please email the Webmaster.

Our Pigg family pages:
Other Pigg family pages & research links (on other sites):
  • PiggFamily.Net - Great info on Pigg family history, coat of arms, etc..
  • Pigg Links - A list of Pigg family documents obtained through the "Clement" family history. This site is well written and has a LOT of info on the Pigg family.
  • Descendants of James Pigg - of TX; son of Wm. & Susannah (Holder) Pigg, from NC. This is the "Neeley" family pages that have a couple generations of James Pigg found in TN, TX, and IN (wife Mary Polly Neeley about 1/3 down the page).
  • Oaths of Allegiance - 1777 Pittsylvania County, VA, contains some Pigg surnames.
  • Winfrey Family of NC - Job Winfrey (1774/84) and Elizabeth Kennedy (Canaday) of Surry and Wilkes Co, NC. There is a bit of Pigg family history, as related to the Winfrey's, on this page.
  • John Ghent Pigg - Another copy of his Will found on the Web, along with Wills of other surnames from Pittsylvania County, Va.
  • HARRISON COUNTY WILL ABSTRACTS (KY) - Kentucky records, Volume 1, Will abstracts. Mourning Pigg's Will is listed.
  • Pittsylvania County, VA MARRIAGES 1700-1799 - Several Pigg marriages listed.

    European Pigg Research Links:

    • Charlotte Pigg - 1881 Census: Residents of Norwich Union Workhouse, Heigham, Norfolk in the UK. This was a poor house where Charlotte, at 76, was listed as a Shoebinder. Bottom page links go to more info on the poor houses/work houses.
    • English Pigg Marriages - Marriages from the South Shields St Hilda Registers (1825-1837), from the GenUKI site (UK & Ireland genealogy).
    • English Pigg Marriages - Marriages from the Hexham Registers (1800-1837), from the GenUKI site (UK & Ireland genealogy).