Henry’s History

We have completed a preliminary draft of Henry’s History: Biography of Henry Wise Arrington, Sr., His Ancestors & Descendants. We are requesting responses from readers for corrections, suggestions, better pictures, and comments for stories about the individual children of Henry (we only have a couple). A printed and bound copy of the book can be purchased for $15, plus $5 shipping cost, a total of $20. It includes heavy cardstock covers in color and 4 color pages within the book (2002 Reunion group photo, Arrington England maps & the Arrington Coat of Arms). The following book files are free to download, view or print out from your own computer, but they are strictly the black and white version of the book to reduce the file sizes.

Zip Files of Entire Book

The following links provide a two-part download with the entire contents of the book.

HWA-History-1 ZIP File, Part 1 of 2
HWA-History-2 ZIP File, Part 2 of 2

PDF Files of Book Sections

File Size Description
_Chapter-dividers  284KB Dividers for Book Sections
History-cover  33KB Cover of Book
0-TOC  12KB  Table of Contents
1-2 B4-Henry-Eliz  467KB Chapters
1 Before Henry
2 Henry’s Time…
3 First Family: Henry & Elizabeth
3-FirstFam  340KB Chapter 3 First Family:
Children of Henry & Elizabeth
4-SecondFam  276KB Chapter 4 Second Family:
Children of Henry & Alva
5-Homeplace  629KB Chapter 5 Home Place
6-Reunions  600KB Chapter 6 Reunions
7-Coat-of-Arms  39KB Chapter 7 Coat of Arms
8-Appendix A-Maps  416KB Appendix A: Maps
8b-Appendix A-Maps  332KB
8c-Appendix A-Maps  566KB
9-Appendix B-Docs  110KB Appendix B: Documents
10-Appendix C-Photos  253KB Appendix C: Photos
10b-Appendix C-Photos  186KB
10c-Appendix C-Photos  670KB
Bibliography  9KB Bibliography
Postcard  11KB Response Postcard